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Will my dog be in a crate most of the day?

Your dog will see the trainer at least 4 times a day. They will also get to partake in daycare (if qualified). Your dog will be taken care of and have a considerable amount of time not only with the trainer, but additionally with our support team.

How will my dog be treated during training?

We use only positive reinforcement and do not use any aversive methods or tools. We understand that being away can be stressful so we shower your dog with love and attention.

How will I know what is being taught?

Every moment spent with the trainer is recorded so that way you will know exactly what information is being taught as well as showing the steps to achieve these behaviors.

How will I know how to do the training at home?

The recorded training sessions will break the behaviors down step by step to ensure your success in working with your dog.

How do I know if this is a good program?

Our training program is run by a professional certified dog trainer. She is trained in knowledge assessment as well as in canine behavior. She uses only the most up to date and scientifically proven methods.

How long will I have to be away from my dogs?

We offer 2 different programs each of which requires a different stay length. We will determine the behaviors you would like worked on and based off that information agree on a stay length that is best for you and your dog.

Will my dog think I abandoned them?

The first 72 hours can be difficult for a dog especially if they have never been away from you. We take this time to build trust and a relationship with them through game play and fun activities. After those 72 hours the dogs are so excited for training time.

Will my dog forget me?

Never!! Rest assured dogs have a remarkable memory and a strong bond with their owners. We want the enhance the bond between dog, and pet parent. And as the age old saying goes: "Absence makes the heart grow fonder".

Will my dog be sad or upset the whole time?

The first 72 hours will be the hardest for them. After that we see dogs are actually excited to participate and learn.


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