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Allison Swarts, Training Strategist at Animal Activity Center

Allison Swarts

Multi-Site Pet Resort Lead & Training Strategist




39319 Garfield Rd.
Clinton Township, MI 48038

Animal Activity Center Training, Boarding, Grooming, Daycare, Daycamp

A Bit About Me

For the past eight years, I've dedicated my life to making tails wag and hearts sing through positive dog training. It's not just a job; it's my calling, my passion. Meet Goose, my loyal sidekick, who's been by my side through every adventure. Together, we've delved into the thrilling world of dog sports, overcoming obstacles and celebrating victories. But it's not just about the medals; it's about the incredible bond we share and the joy we bring to each other's lives. Whether I'm coaching clients to unlock their pup's full potential or navigating obstacles with Goose, you can bet I'm giving it my all. Because to me, it's not just about training dogs—it's about nurturing relationships and spreading the love that comes with understanding our four-legged friends.

Dog Training with Allison

Our Classes

Unleash Your Dog's Potential: Training Tailored to Pawsitivity.

New Puppy Orientation

Embark on a journey into the world of pup parenthood with our comprehensive 90-minute course tailored for new dog owners. From essential health tips to fostering happiness, we cover it all, serving as your ultimate guide to navigating the joys of canine companionship. Unlock a wealth of knowledge to ensure a fulfilling bond with your furry friend!

Bark to Basics

For dogs aged 6 months and older, Bark to Basics classes are designed following the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen model. This comprehensive 6-week course equips your furry companion with essential skills and behaviors for a well-mannered and contented life. Join us to build confidence and ensure you and your pet can handle any situation together!

Puppy Pawsitive

Prepare for six weeks of joyful learning with our Puppy Pawsitive class! Join our lively group sessions, each lasting one hour per week, filled with invaluable tips and techniques. Together, we'll ensure your furry companion thrives, growing up to be happy, healthy, and well-behaved, making every moment together truly pawsome!

Board & Train

Discover the ease of Board and Train for stress-free dog training! Our expert trainers offer personalized sessions tailored to your pet's needs, ensuring engaging activities throughout the day. Stay connected with detailed progress reports, giving you peace of mind as you watch your pup thrive under our care at Animal Activity Center!

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