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What is Board and Train!

Say goodbye to training hassles and hello to a stress-free solution! With Board and Train, we've got you covered. Our expert trainers work one-on-one with your pet during their stay, with short, engaging sessions throughout the day.

When you sign up, we'll chat about your pet's goals during a quick 30-minute consultation to better understand your pet's needs, and determine the length of stay. Making sure to personalize your pups training based on their needs. 

We keep you in the loop with detailed progress reports so you can join in the fun at home! Get ready to unleash your pet's 

Board and Train at Animal Activity Center in Clinton Township Michigan

What's Covered?


Sit. Down. Wait. Leave It. Focus. Touch


Duration & Distraction. Wait & Stay. Distance & Distraction. Sit & Down.


Training a dog not to jump prevents injuries and promotes good manners.


Training a dog for impulse control ensures safety and fosters better behavior.


Training a dog against resource guarding prevents aggression and promotes sharing.


Training a dog to reduce barking ensures a peaceful environment and prevents disturbances


Training a dog for recall ensures safety and reliable obedience.


Training a dog for reactivity reduces aggression and ensures safer interactions.


Training a dog for Place promotes calm behavior and better control.


Training a dog not to dig prevents property damage and undesirable behavior.


Socializing a dog fosters confidence and reduces fear and aggression towards others.


Building a dog's confidence fosters resilience and reduces anxiety.


Training a dog to manage barrier frustration promotes patience and reduces stress.


Addressing aggressive behavior in a dog ensures safety and promotes better interactions.


Training a dog to manage reactions to distractions enhances focus and obedience.

Our Programs

Every four-legged friend has their own unique personality and quirks, which is why our approach is tailored to suit each individual dog. We're eager to hear all about you and your pet to understand their specific needs and tailor our programs accordingly. Your canine companion's journey to becoming their best self starts with us understanding exactly what they need to work on. Let's embark on this adventure together!


Join us for an action-packed week of pet transformation! In just seven days, our program covers everything from socialization and obedience, to mastering potty training. Watch your furry friend flourish and thrive as they embark on this exciting journey with us!


Embark on a 2-week adventure tailored for your pup's success! Our program focuses on instilling proactive behaviors essential for a bright future. Perfect for younger dogs in need of foundational training, we'll cover all the basics they need to thrive. Get ready to set your furry friend up for a lifetime of success!

Problem Solving

Embark on a transformative journey with our minimum 4-week course, extendable to six weeks if needed. Designed for dogs exhibiting behaviors such as: Biting Barking Jumping Fear Reactivity Aggressive Behavior Destructive Behavior Appeasement Urination Barrier Frustration And More! Our comprehensive


All Board and Train is Monday through Friday. Training is not available on Saturday or Sundays. 

1 Week

  • Monday - Friday

  • Incl. 30 Min. Evaluation

  • 1 Follow Up Session


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4 Weeks

  • Monday - Friday

  • Incl. 30 Min. Evaluation

  • 2 Follow Up Sessions

  • 60 Days of Online Access


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2 Weeks

  • Monday - Friday

  • Incl. 30 Min. Evaluation

  • 1 Follow Up Session

  • 30 Days of Online Access


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6 Weeks

  • Monday - Friday

  • Incl. 30 Min. Evaluation

  • 2 Follow Up Sessions

  • 60 Days of Online Access


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Daycare & Train

$99 + Applicable Daycare Fees

Pawsome news for your fury frined's daycare adventure! When timing fits, add a tail-wagging 1-hour training session! That's four bite-sized sessions, each just 15 minutes long, filled with fun and fur-tastic learning!

15 Min. Treadmill

Give your pup an extra 15 minutes of treadmill time during daycare. It's a tail wagging way to boost their energy and keep them in shape. Let's get those paws moving!


15 Min. Conditioning

Treat your furry friend to an extra 15 minutes of conditioning during daycare. It's a paw-some way to enhance their strength and agility while having a blast. Let's keep those tails wagging with some fun fitness!


Bring Your Furry Friend Along

The Bark to Basics class is meticulously crafted to instill foundational skills for fostering a contented, well-rounded dog. Our approach prioritizes teaching behaviors conducive to good manners, concurrently nurturing the bond between dog and pet parent. Acknowledging life's unpredictability, we offer guidance on navigating unexpected scenarios. Our overarching aim is to equip dogs and their pet parents with the tools and insight needed to establish clear communication and foster a harmonious relationship

Check out our other classes!

At Animal Activity Center, we offer expert-led training packages for dogs of all ages, focusing on building strong foundations, enhancing communication, & good behavior. Join us to transform your canine companion into a well-mannered, happy dog!

New Puppy Orientation at Animal Activity Center



Your guide to the adventures of becoming an amazing

pet parent!

Puppy Pawsitive Group Class at Animal Activity Center



Our exciting group class for making your furry friend into a model citizen from the start!



The essential skills and behaviors for a well-mannered furry friend following the American Kennel Club!

Bark to Basics at Animal Activity Center



Say goodbye to training hassles and hello to a stress-free solution.

Unleash Your Dogs Potential!

Board and Train at Animal Activity Center
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